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Tiles - Patchwork
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Tiles - Patchwork

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These special patchwork tiles from Cornwall come as separate tiles, which can be arranged just as you like. They can be used behind a basin, as room decoration or coasters.

Use standard tile and grout to fix them and a sealant suitable for crackle tiles.

The unique patterns are inspired by childhood memories of sewing patchwork squares and they add a bright touch to every room. It is a special gift, or the perfect accessory for people who like to make their own.


Tile: 6,75 x 6,75 cm

Set of 14: 1 gold  heart, 1 patchwork heart, 8 patchwork squares, 4 plain cream squares
Set of 20: 1 gold  heart, 2 patchwork hearts,13 patchwork squares,5 plain cream squares


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