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Dog coat - insulated & waterproof
Dog coat - insulated & waterproof
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Dog coat - insulated & waterproof

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If your dog enjoys walks in the park with you, but you worry about your dog's health and safety in extreme weathers, then a perfect gift for your pet would be this dog coat. It's waterproof and insulated, and therefore offers your canine companion protection against the wet and the cold, for unimpaired enjoyment of the best that nature has to offer your four-legged friend. Particularly suitable for older animals, this waterproof an insulated dog coat actually features 3 layers of protection, the third being a soft and luxurious inner layer to protect your dog's fur and skin from any seams or labels that might otherwise damage their natural fur coat.

Each dog coat is secured by velcro, so there are no buckles to worry about and the item is easily fitted around your dog's chest for maximum comfort. Secured around the dog's hind legs to ensure this waterproof and insulating extra layer doesn't work loose or fall off, the design also allows for plenty of clearance around your dog's rear, so he or she can still go to the toilet without impedance.

Available in various sizes for large and small dogs - we recommend that you measure your pet before buying him or her a dog coat.

Product specifications


Waterproof and breathable
Velcro fastening for easy adjustment
Machine washable
Reflective trim for extra visibility and improved safety
Smart collar

* Measure dog from base of neck to base of tail.

Available Sizes:
XXSmall: 30cm (Chihuahua, Toy)
XSmall: 35cm (Chihuahua, Yorkshire Terrier, Bichon Frise)
Small: 40cm (Jack Russel, Terrier)
Medium: 45cm (Cavalier King Charles, West Highland Terrier)
Large: 52cm (Springer Spaniel, Boxer)
XLarge: 65cm (Labrador, Setter, Dalmation)
XXLarge: 75cm (Retriever, German Shepherd)